James I Character

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Character of James I

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James I Character
1 Believe in the divine right of kings
1.1 Overconfident
1.2 Thought he was above others
1.3 Caused conflict in parliament
2 Didn't act like a king
2.1 No interest in his image
2.2 Left admin work for his ministers
2.3 Lazy
3 Childhood
3.1 Emotionally dependent on male favourites
3.1.1 Easily Manipulated by nobles
3.1.2 Questioned his sexuality
3.1.3 Showered his favourites with gifts
3.1.4 Caused great resentment
3.2 Cowardice
3.3 Fear of weapons
4 Personality
4.1 Spoke many languages
4.2 Deep interest in many areas-wrote pamphlets
4.3 Questioned the existence of witches
4.4 Confident
4.5 Quickly asses the motives of those around him
4.6 Cautious and patient when needed to be
4.7 Experienced ruler-King of Scotland when 19
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