B1 understanding organisms

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B1 understanding organisms
1 Fitness and health
1.1 Blood pressure
1.1.1 measured in mm of mercury mmHg
1.1.2 systolic or diastolic systolic=maximum pressure the heart produces diastolic=blood pressure between heart beats
1.1.3 increased by stress,high alcohol intake,smoking,overweight
1.1.4 decreased by regular exercise and balanced diet
1.1.5 high blood pressure can cause blood vessels to burst=brain damage=stroke, or kidney damage
1.1.6 low blood pressure=dizziness,fainting,poor blood supplua nd circulation
1.2 fitness-ability to do physical activity
1.3 health is being free from disease such as bacteria and viruses
1.4 strength=weightlifting , flexibility=joint movement , stamina=time of sustained exercise , agility= changing direction , speed= sprinting race
1.5 smoking
1.5.1 carbon monoxide means less oxygen is carried in the blood
1.5.2 heart rate increases so that the tissue can receive enough oxygen
1.5.3 nictotime directly increases heart rate
1.5.4 carbon monoxide dcrease the oxygen carrying capacity of blood and binds with the haemoglobin. less oxygen can then get to the blood so less oxygen is carried
1.6 Diet and heart disease
1.6.1 caused by restricted blood flow to heart muscles
1.6.2 high level pf started fat in the diet leads to a build up of cholesterol in the arteries .
1.6.3 high levels of salt which increases blood pressure
1.6.4 narrowing of arteries caused by plague in coronary arteries restricts blood flow to the heart
1.6.5 the plagues can also make blood clots/thrombosis to more likely which blocks the artery
2 A balanaced diet
2.1 carbohydarte
2.2 proteins
2.3 fats fatty acids and glycerol
2.3.1 too much fats and carbohydrate gets stored in the liver as glycogen or converted into fats fats are stored under skin and around organs as adipose tissue although proteins are essential for growth they cannot be stored
2.4 varies according age gender activity religion medical allergies vegan vegetarian
3 protein intake
3.1 growth and repair
3.2 EAR in g=0.6 X body mass in Kg
3.3 too little causes kwashiorkor
3.3.1 comon in developing countries overpopulation poor agriculture
3.4 only estimated figure
3.5 effected b body mass age pregnancy or breast feeding
3.5.1 not stored, but amino acids can be converted in the body by other amino acids proteins from meat and fish are first class proteins containing all amino acids that cannot be made in body plant proteins are 2nd class do not contain all essential amino acids
4 overweight or underweight
4.1 BMI = mass in Kg/ (height in metres squared
4.2 more than 30-obese
4.2.1 25-30 is overweight
4.2.2 20-25=noraml
4.2.3 less than 20=underweight some people may become ill by sting less than required
4.3 body mass index
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