Exercise Physiology

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Exercise Physiology

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Exercise Physiology
1 Lactic Acid
1.1 Not the reason for delayed onset of muscle soreness
1.2 Clears via blood stream 1 hour after exercise
1.2.1 Uses the Cori-cycle to clear the lactate acid: lactate shuttle does it in the liver
1.2.2 After 20 min of exercise, 50% of lactic acid is cleared from the system
1.3 should do a cool down to help shuttle more lactic acid out
1.4 Ingest one or two more drinks of poweraid for boost in sugar/carbs and do a self-selected place of light jogging
1.4.1 reduces lactic acid faster
2 Training Anaerobic Systems
2.1 Work: Rest Ratio- 1:3 (10 second work: 30 seconds rest)
2.2 Regenerate 50% of PCr storages
2.3 Overload the system
2.3.1 work under primary % of storage work the system when its not fully recovered
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