Stalin's Russia

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Stalin's Russia
1 Leadership Stuggle
1.1 NEP
1.2 Fear of Bonapartism
1.3 World REV and Socialism in one Country
1.4 The Ban of Factions
1.5 Lenin's Testament
2 Why Stalin Won the Leadership Struggle?


  • Stage 1 = Triumvirate  Kamenev, Zinoviev and Stalin against Trotsky  Policy issues - World REV Stage 2 = Duumvirate  Stalin and Bukharin against Kamenev and Zinoviev and Trostky   Policy Issues - NEP  Stage 3 = Stalin Rejects NEP and in favour of Rapid industrialisation against Bukharin Tomsky and Rykov 
2.1 Position = Secretary General and Head of Central Control Commission and Head of ORGBURO
2.2 Mistakes of the Contenders
2.3 Manipulation
2.4 Being Pragmatic
3 Five Year Plans Successful?
3.1 First 5YP 1928-1932 = Heavy Industry = Moderately Successful


  • Iron, Coal, Steel and Oil laid foundations for Rearmament Production of Oil and Coal Doubled!  Magnitogorsk 
3.2 Second 5YP 1933-1937= Consumer Goods and Heavy Industry = Moderately Success
3.3 Third 5YP = Preparation for War = Moderately Successful
4 How successful was collectivisation?
4.1 By 1939 19 million People left countryside for towns and Cities
4.2 The amount of Grain Procured More than Doubled
4.3 Consequences of Collectivisation


  • 1) The effects on Rural Areas  about 10 Million Exiled and 10 Million died in famine 1932-1934 2) Industrialisation and Urbanisation  3) Political Strength of Stalin 
5 How did Stalin’s social policies change the lives of women and children (UNDER THE GREAT RETREAT)? =Significantly
5.1 Women- Educational Opportunities Expanded = By 1939 they made up half of Population in UNI
5.2 Women 40% of Industrial Workforce
5.3 'Great Retreat' Expected Woman to return to domestic Roles
5.4 Stalin's Policies Significant But Contradictory pulling women in opposite Directions
5.5 Family Life
5.5.1 BEFORE- Women Disadvantaged of policies in 1920s = Free Love, Easy Divorced and Communal Living & Divorce Rates were HIGH
5.5.2 AFTER- Stalin's Family code of 1936 Brought Financial and Legal measures to Strengthen Marriage Adultery= Criminal Offence/Divorce and Abortions more Expensive/Awards were given for amount of Children Propaganda Expressed Role of MEN to be Devoted Husbands
5.6 Children
5.6.1 BEFORE- Radical Communists Urged Children to challenge parents and teachers AFTER- Stalin's Reversed this = Children need to respect GOV and Parents


  • In 1920s EDU stressed Communist Ideals.  In 1931 EDU system was changed = New Curriculum emphasized literacy, maths and Core subjects. - School discipline was harsh to prepare children for future work - Homework was re-introduced and was to be set regularly  - 
6 What was the most important result of the Great Terror/Repression?
6.1 1) Stalin's Political Dominance
6.2 2) Economic Impact
6.3 3) Social Impact
7 Why did Stalin introduce the First-Five Year Plan?
7.1 Economic Reasons = Industrialisation/NEP's Failure/Still Behind other Countries
7.2 Political Reasons = Surpass Lenin's Russia & Prepare for War
7.3 Ideological = Socialism Serve the Working Class
8 Why was Stalin able to maintain his power 1928-1938 ?
8.1 Collectivisation = Control over Peasants
8.2 Reprepression =The Great Terror 1936-1938
8.3 Five Year Plans =Harsh Discipline
9 To what extent was Russia a totalitarian state? = Considerable Extent
9.1 The Great Terror 1936-1938
9.2 Collectivisation = Control over Peasants
9.3 Social Realism = Totalitarian Culture, it demanded that art forms should be understood and appreciated by the whole people, and should be focused on the importance of the hero as a role model for others. Socialist realism may be illustrated through references to a number of art forms such as literature, music, paintings, sculpture, film and architecture.
9.4 Stalin's Cult of Personality = was enforced through culture, and by propaganda posters, education, and the renaming of towns, cities, and mountains.
10 Why Russia Won the War?
10.1 Economy - Five Year Plans = Production of Tanks and Aircraft/
10.2 Russia's Patriotism
10.3 Lend- Lease 20% of USSR's Output
10.4 Stalin's Leadership- Reorganising of factories east of Urals/J July 3rd 1941 Speech/Released officers and gave control over decision - making
10.5 Hitler's Mistakes = Nazi Racism/
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