MIT Open Couser Ware

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MIT Open Couser Ware: how to use open sources as MIT open course and why is important.

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MIT Open Couser Ware
1 Choose Topic
1.1 Engineering
1.1.1 Choose Sub-Topic Computer Science Choose Specialty Programming Lenguages Look at the Results In Results we can look the name of the course and the level of the couser, if you are undergraduate or graduate, depending on what you want and what you are prepared you can choose the course. Introduction to C++ I choose this course because I already know the basics of programing, that why E-Learning is so usefull, because I can choose what I need. When I click on the course the following part shows me the instructur, the features of the couse and the date when the course were record, it is very important because thats thaw you could know if the information is up-to-date. Then, you can read the course description, watch other versions and look releated coments The course page shows you easily all the content ordered to start rapidly It shows: the syllabus, lecture notes, assigments and download course materials And now you can start Java Preparation Adventures in Advanced Symbolic Programming
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