Never Let Me Go - Characters

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Never Let Me Go - Characters
1 Kathy H
1.1 Narrator
1.2 Student at Hailsham
1.3 Friend of Ruth and Tommy's
1.4 Cassette tape called 'Songs after dark' by Judy Bridgewater
1.5 Becomes a carer for Ruth
1.6 Ends up caring for Tommy whilst dating him
1.7 Protagonist
1.8 "The gallery Tommy and I were discussing was something we'd all of us grown up with. Everyone talked about it as though it existed, though in truth none of us knew for sure that it did." Chapter 3
1.9 "We knew a few things about ourselves - about who we were, how we were different from our guardians, from people utside." Page 36
2 Ruth
2.1 One of Kathy's best friends
2.2 Complex and difficult person
2.3 Dates Tommy at Hailsham
2.4 Gives Tommy information to find Madame about deferrals
2.5 "We all know it. We're modelled from trash. Junkies, prostitutes, winos, tramps. Convicts, maybe, just as long as they aren't psychos. That's what we come from. We all know it, so why dont we say it?" Chapter 14
2.6 "The main thing is, i kept you and Tommy apart. That was the worst thing i did...What i want is for you to put it right. Put right what i messed up for you" Chapter 19
3 Tommy
3.1 Kathy and Ruth's friend
3.2 Temper tantrums
3.3 Lack of creative skills
3.4 Dates Ruth but is in love with Kathy
3.5 Passes away on fourth donation
3.6 "The thing is, it might sound strange. It did to me at first. What she said was that if i didn't want to be creative, if i really didn't feel like it, that was perfectly alright. Nothing was wrong with it, she said." Chapter 2
4 Miss Lucy
4.1 Guardian at Hailsham
4.2 Tells students the truth
4.3 Leaves Hailsham abruptly
4.4 Believes the other guardians hide the realities of a clone's life
4.5 Doesn't like the "abstract" teaching methods at Hailsham
4.6 "It's not good that i smoked. It wasn't good for me so i stopped it. But what you must understand is that for you, all of you, it's much, much worse to smoke than it ever was for me. You've been told about it. You're students. You're...special." Chapter 6
4.7 "The problem, as i see it, is that you've been told and not told. You've been told, but none of you really understand, and i dare say, some people are quite happy to leave it that way. But i'm not. If you're going to have decent lives, then you've got to know and know properly...Your lives are set out for you. You'll become adults...and before you're even middle-aged, you'll start to donate your vital organs. Thats what each of you was created to do." Chapter 7
5 Miss Emily
5.1 Head of Hailsham
5.2 Feared by the students
5.3 Strict but helpful
5.4 Known for making long speeches about keeping students healthy
5.5 Later speaks to Tommy and Kathy and reveals truths about Hailsham
5.5.1 It was an "experiment" in reform, conducted by those who felt clone deserved "humane" treatment
5.5.2 That Madame was co-founder of Hailsham
5.5.3 Closed due to lack of funds
5.6 "Your life must now run the course that's been set for it" Page 261
6 Madame
6.1 Thought to be Miss Emily's superior and the "real" head of Hailsham
6.2 Revealed to be co-founder
6.3 Reveals to Tommy and Kathy that she has long cared about clone rights
6.3.1 Believes in the new world, in which clones serve as "organ farms" for "normal" people is a "cruel" one.
6.4 "Poor creatures. What did we do to you? With all our schemes and plans?" Chapter 21
7 Miss Geraldine
7.1 Kind guardian
7.2 Noted for indulgence of Tommy's art
7.3 Ruth founds a "secret society" designed to protect Miss Geraldine from imaginary kidnapping
8 Rodney & Crissie
8.1 Boyfriend & Girlfriend
8.2 Unable to get a deferral
8.3 Go with Ruth, Kathy and Tommy to Norfolk to find Ruth's clone
8.4 Befriend Ruth, Kathy and Tommy at the cottages
9 Keffers
9.1 Maintenance man at the cottages
9.2 Treats students with a quiet kindness
10 Henry
10.1 Kathy likes at Hailsham
10.2 Seems suprised when Kathy offers to have sex with him
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