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Never Let Me Go Themes
1 Friendship
1.1 But at other times, I think that's wrong - that is was just to do with me and Ruth, and sort of loyalty she inspired in me in those days
1.1.1 This Suggests that Kathy was blatantly Loyal to Ruth without Question Ruth is Controlling (Dominant) And Kathy is Timid (Submissive)
1.1.2 Chapter 5, Paragraph 30
1.1.3 Said by Kathy
1.2 Friendship is important to the Students at Hailsham since they didn't really have a family, they relied on each other in a family style
2 Freedom and Confinement
2.1 It's just as well the fences at Hailsham aren't Electrified. you get terrible accidents sometimes
2.1.1 Chapter 7, Paragraph 5
2.1.2 Before Miss Lucy (The New Guardian) started working at Hailsham, there were rumors around the school that the fences were electrified, it is possible to infer that the other Guardians knew of these rumours, but didn't stop them so it stopped the Clones from wanting to leave, for the fear they'd get electrocuted
2.1.3 Said by Miss Lucy
2.2 The Fences and Gates are the Psychical elements which confine Kathy and her friends, this could be to protect them from the outside world, keep the clones from leaving, or both.
2.2.1 When they're younger the clones can't leave the safe bubble which is Hailsham, so it is possible the last option is the reason for the gates
2.2.2 As Kathy and her friends get older they are given more freedom (Example: Driving) With the Extra freedom They learn about the barriers which go unseen An unseen Barrier may be the Guardians enforcing that they are special and can help people Miss Lucy snapping and telling them they have their lives already set (The Donations)
3 Life, Death and Humanity
3.1 We all know it. We're modelled from Trash. Junkies, Prostitutes, Winos, Tramps, Convicts, Maybe, just so long as they aren't psychos. That's where we come from. We all know it, so why don't we say it?
3.1.1 Said by Ruth
3.1.2 Don't feel part of Humanity due to how they are made
3.2 Poor Creatures. What did we do to you? With all our schemes and plans?
3.2.1 Said by Madame
3.2.2 Originally meant for good, but that got lost among everything
3.3 What is Humanity?
3.3.1 Are the Clones ever considered Living or Dead? Only used for Medical Purposes Believes no one truly cares for them
4 Love
4.1 I keep thinking about this river somewhere, with the water moving really fast. And These two people in the water, trying to hold on to each other, holding on as hard as they can, but in the end it's just too much. The current's too strong. They've got to let go, drift apart. That's how it is with us. It's a shame, Kath, because we've loved each other all our lives. But in the end, we can't stay together forever.
4.1.1 Said by Tommy
4.1.2 The fact they are clones doesn't allow them to live like non-clones Can't grow old Can't Get Married Can't have Kids
4.2 Kathy and Tommy were in love
4.2.1 Ruth forced a Relationship with Tommy This kept Tommy and Kathy apart
4.3 Love is one of the Major themes, in front of friendship, since it follows Kathy and Tommy's relationship development, and how Ruth prevented it out of spite and jealously
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