Victorian Poetry

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Victorian Poetry
1 The Romantics, the Victorians and the inheritance of Loss
1.1 Romantic poetry
1.1.1 last decades of eighteenth century
1.1.2 difficult for Victorian poets to follow
1.1.3 Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats
1.1.4 poetry as powerful/transcendent
1.1.5 poet as prophet
1.1.6 masculine model of poetry
1.1.7 focus on individual creative genius
1.2 Lost ideal for Victorian Poets
1.2.1 writing in face of child labour or other various problems of industrial capitalism
1.2.2 power handed over to businessmen and politicians
1.2.3 world complex and contradictory poetic voice fragmented and uncertain
1.3 Elizabeth Barrett Browning
1.3.1 retained belief in the transcendent power of art
1.4 Emily Bronte
1.4.1 'Shall Earth no more inspire thee' voiced by a force of nature asks its unspeaking interlocutor Shall Earth no more inspire thee,/ Thou lonely dreamer now?/ Since passion may not fire thee/Shall nature cease to bow? "dreamer" poet figure lonely and uninspired simple rhyming structure abab basic profundity of the questions asked unsophisticated word choice force of nature striving to reign its lost status guide guardian inspiration Thy mind is ever moving/In regions dark to thee;/Recall its useless roving -/Come back and dwell with me
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