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This is a Mind Map about a character (Rudolpho) from the novel A View From A Bridge.

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1 His brother is Marco.
2 He has platinum hair.
3 He creates an immediate impression.
4 Striking good looks.
5 Beatrice and Catherine obviously fancy him.
6 He's 'different'
7 He's sensitive.
8 He tries to solve the disputes between Eddie and Marco.
9 He has a sense of humour.
10 He is popular.
11 Unvaryingly polite.
12 He wishes to stay in America.
13 He loves America.
14 He wants to own a motorbike.
15 He's keen to see Broadway.
16 He buys 'American items'.
17 Buys a new jacket and new records instead of sending money back to Italy to Marco's starving family.
18 He can sing, cook and sew.
19 He's very talented.
20 Eddie seems to dislike him.
21 He's 'feminine'.
22 Intellegent
23 He falls in love with Catherine
24 He speaks very passionatley towards evryonhe about everything especially about America and its' state, New York
25 He slept with Catherine
26 He Marries Catherine
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