Montserrat 1995

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Montserrat 1995
1 The earthquake is still active today
2 Destructive plate boundary with the south and North American and the Caribbean plate
3 Vegetation burned by pyroclastic flow
3.1 Agricultural economy destroyed
4 Ash covered 2/3 of the island
5 Coral reef destroyed
6 New land formed
7 Economy ruined
7.1 Tourism economy ruined
7.1.1 Airport closed for 10 years
8 23 people died
9 60% of housing was destroyed
9.1 8000 people left as immigrants to the UK and Antigua
10 Buildings destroyed
10.1 Hospitals
10.1.1 Illness was left untreated
10.2 Schools
11 Lack of clean water
11.1 Diasease such as cholera
12 Monsterrat had a volcano observatory built to monitor seismic activity.
13 UK was obliged to offer aid
13.1 This was accepted along with other countries aid offers
14 The UK sent HMS Liverpool to give aid with money donated from a concert at 'The Royal Albert Hall'
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