Health Proffesionals

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Health Proffesionals
1 Paediatrician
1.1 Specialise in care of children
1.2 Responsible for medical checks on babies born in hospital
1.3 Care for health of children throughout childhood
2 Health Visitor
2.1 Gives advice on health matters
2.2 Keep track of child's progress
2.3 Contact mum 10 days after birth for 6 weeks
2.4 Always available to phone
2.5 Put mum in touch with local groups to speak with other mums
3 GP (general practitoner)
3.1 Joint responsibility for mother during pregnancy
3.2 May visit mum and baby when they return home
3.3 Post natal examination at 6 weeks
4 Neo-Natalogist
4.1 Have further specialist training in the care of babies who are in SBCU (special baby care unit)
5 Obsterician
5.1 Responsible for hospital births
5.2 Doctor who specialise in caring for pregnant woman
6 Gynaecologist
6.1 Help infetile couples
6.2 Treat any problems with reproductive systems
6.3 Specialist knowledge of functions and diseases in the female repoductive system
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