Ecological Footprint

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My environmental and resource managment assignment.

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Ecological Footprint
1 My results
1.1 Surprisingly, mine was the lowest of the class. We all have a lot of improvements to work on
1.2 If everyone lived like i do, we would need 10.5 earths
2 One sentence
2.1 Earth is our only home and we have as much right to it as our ancestors, and so do our descendants, meaning it is our duty to preserve it as best as possible for them
3 How i reduce it
3.1 I try to carpool as much as possible
3.2 I bike or walk for when possible instead of driving, reduce green house gas emissions and saving fossil fuels
3.3 All of our appliances are Energy Star quality, meaning the conserve energy compared to other appliances
3.4 The toilets and showers in my house are low flow, meaning the use (and waste) less water than normal
4 How i can reduce it further
4.1 Reducing the amount of animal products i eat, reducing the land used for food production
4.2 Buying products with less packaging, reducing energy and resources used in production
4.3 Buying products that have been made out of recycles materials, supporting companies recycling initiatives and lowering energy and resource use
4.4 Buying more local products, reducing the energy spent to ship products
4.5 Use hybrid/electric cars
5 What is it?
5.1 A person's impact on the environment
5.2 Measured in the land required to sustain their use of natural resources
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