Social construction of childhood

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Social construction of childhood
1 pilcher - modern western seperateness
1.1 jane pilcher states that in current times there is a significant difference between adults and children, this is due to them being physically and psychologically immature, there is a belief that a childrens lack of skills mean that they have to go through a lengthy process of nurturing and socialisation to prepare them. pilchers theory of seperatednes connotes that childhood is a very distinct stage which is emphasised through laws of what they can and cannot do. because of these age regulations adults see children as in need of protection so they will make decisions for them in order to protect them
2 punch - cross cultural differences (bolivia)
2.1 samantha punch study of children in rural bolivia highlighted the fact that children are expected to take up work responsibilites as early as 5 years old without question
3 raymond firth (cross cultural differences)
3.1 found that among the tikopia of the western pacific doing as you are told by an adult is a concession to be granted by the child not a right to be expected by the adult
4 Aries - historical differences
4.1 childhood as it is today it only a recent invention, philipe aries argues that in the middle ages 'the idea of childhood did not exist' they were seen almost equal to adults once they had passed the stage of physical dependance during the infantile stage. there was nothing to seperate children and adults, they wore the same clothes and they also faced the same punishments if they broke the law.
5 Postman - disapearance of childhood
5.1 postman argues that 'childhood is disappearing at a dazzling speed' he thinks that adults and children are becoming similar in that they wear the same clothes, introduction of technology sees the disappearance of traditional child hood games and even cases in which children have commited 'adult' crimes such as murder.
6 palmer - toxic childhood
6.1 toxic childhood is a term used for how the rapid technological and cultural changes in the last 25 years have damaged childrens physical mental and emotional development. these changes include junk food, video games and the growing emphasis of testing in education
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