An Inspector Calls - Themes

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Great MindMap illustrating the themes of An Inspector Calls by JB Priestly
Created by mhancoc3 over 5 years ago
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An Inspector Calls - Themes
1 Generations
1.1 Older threat the younger like children
1.2 Older generations take less responsibility
1.3 Younger generations want to be better
2 Mystery
2.1 Supernatural
2.1.1 Inspector Goole
2.1.2 Phone call Dramatic device to raise tension and questions
2.2 Is the inspector real?
2.2.1 How does he know it
3 Gender
3.1 Women are protected by men
3.2 Men and women sit seperately
3.3 Different roles
3.4 Different jobs
3.5 Different ideas
3.6 Eric rapes Eva and is not punished
3.7 Women are less important
3.8 Men tell the women what to do
4 Responsibility
4.1 Truth about Gerald and Eva
4.2 A feeling of guilt
4.3 Makes audience think about their actions
4.4 They are all supposed to feel responsible for Eva's death
4.5 All actions have consequences
5 Social Class
5.1 Everyone is intertwined
5.2 All members of one body
5.3 Everyone should be considered and treated well
5.4 Encourages people to think and treat everyone equally
5.5 Mr Birling very proud
5.6 Gerald and Eric take advantage of Eva
6 Discrimination and Equality
6.1 Age
6.1.1 Sheila and Eric
6.2 Gender
6.2.1 Eva and Sheila
6.2.2 Mrs Birling
6.3 Wealth and Class
6.3.1 Eva
6.4 We should all be equal
7 Family
7.1 Protect the family
7.2 Meant to be close but don't know much about each other really.
8 Cause and Effect
8.1 Chain of effects
8.2 Context (Priestly was very interested in how things effect others)
9 Social Duty
9.1 We do not live alone
9.2 We have a duty to other people
9.3 Owning up to your actions

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