Boscastle 2004

Oliver Hall
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Oliver Hall
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Mind map on the Boscastle floods of 2004.

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Boscastle 2004
1 Situated on a flood plain in a valleywith interlocking spurs
1.1 Interlocking spurs acted as a funnel
2 River Valency and River Jordan
3 185 mm of rain fell in 5 hours
4 Soil was already saturated from recent rainfall
5 No flood prevention system
6 Drainage and sewage systems were old and lacked capacity
6.1 Sewage systems burst
7 50 cars were swept into the harbour
8 Bridge was washed away and roads were submerged under 2.75m of water
8.1 Communications were made difficult
8.2 Boscastle was declared inaccesible
9 4 buildings were destroyed and 58 damaged
10 Hypothermia concerns
11 No power in village for some time
12 Tourism economy destroyed
12.1 20 accomodation providers were shut
13 No loss of life due to speedy recovery because of Britain's superb resources as an MEDC
14 100s were evacuated from their homes
14.1 120 from rooftops alone
14.1.1 7 helicopters from the Coastguard, the Royal Navy and the RAF were used
15 Village was cordoned off for clean-up operation
16 Prince Charles and the deputy prime minister came to see the recovery operation
17 Repairs went on for a long period of time and were very costly
17.1 A huge fund-rasing effort took place to raise money for the cause
18 Insurance is now costlier in Boscastle
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