Sonnet 116

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My take on analysis of sonnet 116 of Shakespeare.

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Sonnet 116
1 Title shows Semantic field of nature and a journey
2 "True minds" suggests an unbreakable bond
2.1 Genuine/Truly
3 "Love is not love" shows accept it for what it is, the same way you'd treat someone who you love.
4 "Alteration finds" makes a constant/ forever feeling.
4.1 "ever-fixed mark," this caesura shows an emotional attachment
4.1.1 "is never shaken" is never changing, constant
5 "It is the star to every wand'ring bark"- metaphoric for it is the guide to all who are lost.
5.1 you will find your way when in love.
5.1.1 the light in the dark.
6 "Love's not time's fool" suggest that time fits itself to you, personifying time
7 "rosy lips and cheeks" shows fool's makeup, illusions. Love isn't a fool can't be tainted by makeup.
7.1 "sickle's compass come" knife/unknown/ warped/ambiguous.
8 "brief hours and weeks"- this shows how short life is, but yet love will not falter .
9 "edge of doom" she (love) goes to hell and back
10 "writ" is a legal argument.
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