China and Development

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China and Development

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China and Development
1 OneChildPolicy
1.1 Why ?
1.1.1 1979 - China's leaders afraid of enourmous pop. growth Only allowed to have one child or pay fines and have disadvantages Exceptions If the two parents do not have siblings If the first child is a girl (Rural areas only) If it is an Ethnic minority
1.2 Problems
1.2.1 Parents, especially in rural areas, do not want to have a girl as she will marry and go away. So the number of girls born is going down. In 2007, there were 120 boys born for 100 girls So millions of men will not be able to find wives
1.2.2 People may have to support several older people, and this could be difficult
2 3 Gorges Dam
2.1 Why?
2.1.1 China mainly depending on coal for Energy Need a sustainable and clean source of energy
2.1.2 Help prevent floods on the Yangtze River 1954 - Flood killed 33 000 people
2.1.3 Ships can go further up on the Yangtze River, carrying cargo More industry for Chongqing
2.2 Provides 2% of China's energy
2.3 Largest Dam in the world
2.3.1 2 km in length
2.4 Cost $22.5 billion
2.5 Problems
2.5.1 Impact on local people More than 1.20 million people moved for building the dam They were given money but they said it was not enough Drowned 2 empty cities, 116 towns and lots of villages
2.5.2 Environnment Stops fish and other river animals from moving freely Yangtze River dolphin is now extinct Poisonous level of sewage and factory waste build up Harm wildlife and humans
2.5.3 Silt builds up in the reservoir and makes it less and less effective
2.5.4 At dry times of the year, the river level on the other side falls very low
2.5.5 Creates earthquakes and landslides If the damn breaks, there will be a catastrophe
3 Environnement
3.1 Problems
3.1.1 Largely depending on coal - 70% of energy needs But coal is a limited resource and pollutes the air So China build more sources of sustainable energy Wind farms Solar panels Dams Nuclear power stations
3.1.2 Desertification The farmland is turning into desert Overgrazing Chopping trees down Soil too intensively farmed So the Chinese are planting a belt of trees and shrubs called the green great wall They are also building canals to transport water from the Yangtze River to water the dry North
3.1.3 Building sewage plants
3.1.4 Trap the CO2 from factories
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