What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?


Evaluation Question 6 for my AS media studies.
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What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
    1. Whilst filming we had to refer back to a range of different technologies that we had used and learnt when creating our preliminary task. A key aspect was editing as this was the first task we had to complete and edit for ourselves
      1. Learnt how to use the editing software, Adobe premiere pro.
        1. Used this throughout our media product along with iMovie that was later on introduced
          1. Both iMovie and Adobe Premiere Pro, helped us gain a high standard piece of work. We were able to incorporate digitial green screens using iMovie which none of us had done before. We were also able to add special effects, such as the smoke for the teleporting effect.
      2. CAMERA WORK
        1. A Canon 700D is what we used for filming our main product, filming in London and at the house. Our teacher gave us a tutorial which i filmed and have included on my blog before we used it.
          1. The tutorial showed us how to focus the lens, create the correct distance, set the settings accordingly and to correct the lighting.
          2. Not only did we use the camera, we also took advantage of our Iphone 6's. On the Iphone there is a camera setting for creating a time lapse. We used this when we created out Tower Bridge time lapse.
            1. We had to use phone tripods so that the phone stood in the same position without jogging
            2. Connected to the camera were two pieces of equipment, the Rode microphone and a tripod.
              1. I did some further research about the Rode microphone before using it when filming. We used the Rode Video Mic that was designed for on the go film producers.
                1. The tripod was very useful as you can alter the height and rotate the camera smoothly.
                  1. The tripod helped us gain different camera shots. These include, high angle, panning, close up and medium shots.
              2. WEBTOOLS
                1. When representing my work i was able to incorporate a vairety of webtools onto my blog. I felt that it made my work more effective and was assembled in a way that was appealing and creative. This allowed me to present my research in different ways including, animated presentations, powerpoints, booklets, flash cards, mind maps, audio and videos.
                  1. Emaze
                    1. Powtoon
                      1. ISSU
                        1. Exam Time/ Go Conqr
                          1. Slide Share
                            1. Prezi
                              1. YouTube
                                1. YouTube was a necessity as it allowed me to upload pieces of work I had edited using Adobe Premiere Pro or iMovie, and then embed onto my blog to share. As well as this I was able to watch videos and other opening title sequences for research
                                2. Soundcloud
                              2. BLOGGER
                                1. Blogger was the main resource we used to publish all of our filming, presentations, research and developments.
                                  1. Being able to embed nearly anything was really useful to be able to do. It allowed me to store all of my work in one place where my teacher and anyone else to see
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