To what extent is Direct Democracy more effective than representative democracy? (12)


Direct Democracy Vs Representative Democracy
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To what extent is Direct Democracy more effective than representative democracy? (12)
  1. Direct
    1. What is it?
      1. Citizens make decisions themselves through poplar vote
        1. E.g. Ancient Athens
    2. Representative
      1. What is it?
        1. Citizens elect politicians to makes decisions for them
          1. E.g. Modern UK
      2. Decisions made directly by people in DD
        1. Interest in politics is greater
          1. Avg turnout in Switz. is 81%
          2. More accurate reflection of views
            1. Requires more educated population
              1. E.g. Citizens in Athens very well educated and informed
                1. In a RD, this often doesn't happen as people manipulated by politicians into making decisions not in their best interest - Schumpter
                  1. Media panic over immigration despite net benefit
                  2. In practice, people don't have time to inform themselves
                2. Don't have set of professional politicians in DD who may believe in self interests
                  1. DD used in Switzerland
                    1. Lots of refernda
                      1. 2 Swiss cantons run by DD
                        1. RD still used at national level
                          1. Ordinary people may hold office for just a year at canton level
                          2. Negative views of politicians and RD because of scandals (mps expenses, etc)
                            1. Still need people to stand for what they believe in and give people a choice
                            2. Belief that these politicians are manipulated or part of a ruling elite
                              1. Dahl rejected this, said RD was pluralist instead
                            3. RD can incorporate DD
                              1. 24 US states can hold propositions
                                1. Growth of E-democracy
                                  1. Contact with politicians on Twitter
                                    1. Online petitions
                                      1. Hillsborough Disaster Investigation
                                        1. Online Opportunities
                                          1. 38 Degrees
                                      2. Scots Indy ref
                                        1. Big impact on election
                                          1. SNP + Green Membership
                                          2. High turnout and engagement
                                        2. Just because you vote for something doesn't make it good
                                          1. Schumpter + Voltaire agree
                                            1. Plato believes democracy is doomed to become a dictatorship
                                              1. Believe people will sweep away old rulers and new ones will remove freedoms in fear of people
                                                1. Some argue that RD prove Plato right-politicians same, fake choices, etc
                                                  1. RD only give DD when they feel like it
                                                    1. 2014 Spain: Govt denied Catalan Indy Ref
                                              2. 1951:Switz votes against women getting franchise (voteand ability to stand for election). 2009: Switz votes to ban building of mosques with minarets
                                              3. Conclusion
                                                1. Balance:Good + bad of each
                                                  1. RD more practical, more safeguards to protect minorities than DD. Importance of DD cannot be understated. Most RDs incorporate DD into their systems
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