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1 Validate Scope is done to help / ensure the project is on track from the CUSTOMER's / STAKEHOLDER's point of view during the project. It is better to find changes and issues during the project than at the end. The customer will either accept deliverables or make change requests
2 Work Performance Information
3 Verified Deliverables
3.1 Work must be completed and checked each time before you meet with the customer
4 Scope Baseline


  • From the Project Management Plan
4.1 It's helpful to have the approved scope with you when you meet with the customer
5 Requirements Traceability Matrix
5.1 So you can track where requirements came from and prove that requirements were achieved
6 Inspection
7 Group Decision-Making Techniques
8 Accepted Deliverables
8.1 This deliverables are an input for the Close Project / Phase
9 Requirements Documentation
9.1 To refresh your memory about the full details of the requirements
10 Change Requests
11 Project Documents Update
12 Scope Management Plan


  • From the Project Management Plan
12.1 Shows the previously agreed-upon deliverables and plans for gaining formal acceptance for them
13 Work Performance Data


  • From the Direct and Manage Work Control Process
13.1 To assess how well product deliverables are meeting the requirements
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