All My Sons

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All My Sons
1 Responsibility
1.1 Keller: they were all my sons (3)
1.2 George: On the telephone you can't have responsibility (2)
1.3 Chris: Man for man (2)
1.4 Keller: For both of you, that's all I ever lived for.. (3)
1.5 Sue: Chris makes people want to be better than it's possible to be (2)
1.6 Mother: You can't bull yourself through this one, Joe.. be smart now (3)
1.7 Mother: All your life whenever there's trouble you yell at me and you think that settles it (3)
1.8 Chris: Every time I reach out for something I want, I have to pull back because other people will suffer (1)
1.9 Keller: You're a considerate fella, there's nothing wrong in that (1)
1.10 Chris: I've been a good son too long, a good sucker. I'm through with it (1)
1.11 Chris: He murdered twenty-one pilots (1)
1.12 Jim: Mother McKeller
1.13 Keller: A man can't be a Jesus in this world! (3)
2 Wealth
2.1 George: Everything they have is covered with blood (2)
2.2 Chris: The business doesn't inspire me (1)
2.3 Sue: And he's got money. That's important (2)
2.4 Keller: Must you be inspired? (1)
2.5 Chris: If I have to grub for money all day long.. I want it beautiful (1)
2.6 Sue: I resent living next door to the Holy Family. It makes me look like a bum (2)
2.7 Keller: If it's dirty then burn it.. It's your money (3)
3 Hope for Larry's return
3.1 Kate: Kate asked you to make a horoscope? (1)
3.2 Mother: That's the third time you've said that this week (1)
3.3 Mother: There are meanings in such things (1)
3.4 Frank: The trouble with you is, you don't believe in anything / Jim: And your trouble is that you believe in anything (1)
3.5 Keller: I had two sons, now I got one (1)
3.6 Keller: From Mother's point of view he is not dead and you have no right to take his girl (1)
3.7 Ann: The shoes are all shined (1)
3.8 Mother: Till he comes; forever and ever till he comes! (2)
3.9 Chris: Stop filling her head with that junk! (2)
4 Blame and Guilt
4.1 George: His father destroyed your family (2)
4.2 George: He promised to take responsibility (2)
4.3 Chris: I was dying every day and you were killing my boys and you did it for me?
4.4 Mother: I've got such a funny pain on the top of my head (1)
4.5 Keller: The minute there's trouble you have no strength (3)
4.6 Chris: Only the dead ones weren't practical (3)
4.7 Keller: There are certain men in the world who would rather see everybody hung before they'll take blame (2)
4.8 Mother: Your brother's alive.. if he's dead, your father killed him (2)
4.9 George: You know in your heart Joe did it (2)
5 Family
5.1 Keller: a daughter is a daughter, and a father is a father (2)
5.2 Keller: My only accomplishment is my son (2)
5.3 Ann: Father or no father, there's only one way to look at him (1)
5.4 Ann: You're the only one I know who loves his parents
5.5 Keller: I'm his father and he's my son, and if there's something bigger than that I'll put a bullet in my head! (3)
5.6 Mother: There something bigger than the family to him (3)
6 Release of tensions
6.1 George: What happened that day, Joe? / Frank enters briskly.. holding Larry's horoscope (2)
6.2 Keller: What's your Mother going to say? / Bert runs on from the driveway (1)
6.3 Ann: Don't George - you're not going to start anything now! / Mother enters on porch (2)
6.4 Mother (at least confessing the tension) / Lydia enters on porch (2)
7 War
7.1 Keller: It changed all the tallies (1)
7.2 Keller: I've had two sons, now I got one (1)
7.3 Mother: While you were getting mad about Fascism Frank was getting into her bed (2)
7.4 George: He'd like to take every man who made money in the wall and put him up against a wall (2)
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