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This is a mind map of titles my AS Level media project

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Movie Names
1 Pain
1.1 This title explores her emotional pain. The title is also edgy and mysterious, which is an essential part of a gritty realism
2 Nothing
2.1 This title explores the characters inner emotions. Our main protagonist suffers from depression, she also has no family and feels like she has "nothing". This feeling is a recurring theme within our plot
3 Family
3.1 This title sets the theme of family that runs throughout our story line
4 Goodbye
4.1 This title explores the theme of suicide and letting go of old memories, however the title is associated with Romances rather than gritty realisms
5 The Darkside
5.1 This title expresses how the protagonist sees the world. She experiences the"dark side" of the world through her rough childhood. However, this title is more associated with horrors or thrillers, although it could be used for a gritty realism
6 Alone
6.1 This title expresses how the protagonist feels "alone" as a result of self isolation. The punchy name captures interest and is mysterious, just how we want our title to be
7 Save Me
7.1 This title explores the protagonists despiration to be saved from their life. However, the title is one affiliated with Romance films, not gritty realisms
8 Distorted
8.1 This title expresses the protagonists "distorted" views on the world. The word suggests something twisted which is essential for a gritty realism. The title is also punchy and short which creates interest. Out of all our title ideas this is our favorite as we feel it captures the essence of our plot
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