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Overall Technologies
1 What Worked Well
1.1 Premier Pro was very active and there was no lag when receiving footage.
1.2 All tools within Premier Pro were easy to use and worked well.
1.3 Lack of experience wasn't an issue because the program was easy to use.
1.4 All the programs and tools that we used (As shown in the Video) were easy to use and allowed us to create a variety of interactive posts
1.5 The camera was easily workable so we could easily record footage and upload it to the computer.
1.6 We easily created foley sounds and put them into our product
2 What We Have Learnt
2.1 Overall during the development process, using different technologies allowed us to see what worked and what didn't and also what our strengths and weaknesses were. It allowed us to properly develop certain areas, and to create a good and equal team workload overall. We also learnt the processes needed to go through when making a video and now understand what steps must be taken to avoid certain technical errors and now know how to flexibly work around this.
3 What Didn't Work Well
3.1 We found Adobe After Effects difficult to use and understand
3.2 Some Web 2.0 tools that we used wouldn't embed onto our blogs
3.3 Camera kept running out of charge when we were filming.
3.4 Uploading on youtube balanced the video creating technical difficulties.
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