To kill A Mockingbird- Characters

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To kill A Mockingbird- Characters
1 Atticus Finch
1.1 Consistent
1.1.1 'Atticus is the same man in the town as he is in home'
1.2 Non Predjudiced
1.2.1 'Calpurnia knows what she means to this family'
1.3 Fatherly
1.3.1 'He read to us, played with us and treated is with courteous detcahment'
1.4 Honest
1.4.1 'I wanted you to see what real courage is before you got the idea it was a man with a gun in his hand'
1.4.2 'I couldn't worship to God if I didn't try to help that man'
1.4.3 'It's when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway'
2 Jem Finch
2.1 Mournful
2.1.1 'Sometimes he would go off my himself'
2.2 Lively
2.2.1 'In all his life Jem had never declined a dare'
2.3 Imaginative
2.3.1 'Gotta work hard now.'
2.4 Heroic
2.4.1 'Jem was a born hero'
2.5 Growing Up
2.5.1 'His maddening air of superiority was unbearable these days'
2.5.2 'Jem had acquired an alien set of values and was trying to impose them on me'
2.5.3 'I swear Jean Louise you become more like a girl every day'
2.6 Calming
2.6.1 'Not too far now Scout, the roads down yonder'
3 Scout Finch
3.1 Lively
3.1.1 'His face killed my joy. I had burst into a circle of strangers'
3.2 Honest
3.2.1 'He was the filthiest human I had ever seen'
3.3 Thoughtful
3.3.1 'Standing on the Radley Porch was enough'
3.4 Passionate
3.5 Naive
3.5.1 'Atticus! The worlds ending'
3.6 Intelligent
3.6.1 'Scout yonder been reading since she was born'
3.7 Brutal
3.7.1 'Rubbed his nose in the dirt'
4 Boo Radley
4.1 Misunderstood
4.2 Violent
4.2.1 'Hands stained red from the blood'
4.3 Discriminated
4.3.1 'It's a sin to Kill a Mockingbird'
4.3.2 Malevolent Phantom
4.4 Friendly
4.4.1 Chewing gum, spelling medal, watch, sculptures
4.4.2 'Someone inside the house was laughing'
5 Mayella Ewell
5.1 She looks after her siblings alone
5.2 She craves any sort of affection, even from someone that is considered ot be lower class than her.
5.3 'That's right nice of you saving up money to treat the chillun'
6 Calpurnia
6.1 'Calpurnia knows what she means to this family'
6.2 'I felt Calpurnia's tyrannical presence'
6.3 'It was Calpurnia's fault.' She taught Scout how to read and write
6.4 Literate and Clever
6.4.1 She immediately rings Atticus about the mad dog
6.4.2 She teaches Scout how to read and write
6.4.3 She is the only one at the church that can read
7 Bob Ewell
7.1 Abuses his family
7.2 Cares about his social status
7.2.1 Spits on Atticus
7.2.2 Takes it out on Atticus' children
7.3 Does not care about his family
7.3.1 'Screamed like a hog'
8 Dill
8.1 ''Summer was Dill'
8.2 'Dill breathed his patient breath'
8.3 'The Radley place drew Dill like the moon drew water, but only to the light pole c=across the road.'
8.4 'It started when Dill gave us the idea of trying to make Boo Radley come out.'
9 Aunt Alexandra
9.1 'The first thing she said was "put my bags in my room Calpurnia'
9.2 'Every angle of her was formidable'
9.3 She tries to bring up Scout in a way in which she and society perceives young women., she does this by trying to get Scout to stop being boistrous and to start wearing dresses.
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