Korean War

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Korean War
1 Then
1.1 both North and South Korea in ruins
1.2 There was a temporary cease-fire
1.3 North gained a little territory below the 38th on the western side
1.4 North Korea and China sign armistice
1.5 South gained a little territory above the 38th on the eastern side of the peninsula
2 So
2.1 North Korean forces capture southern capital, Seoul
2.2 United States pledges troops to go to South Korea’s defense
2.3 United Nations troops recapture Seoul
2.4 Bloody Battles and Trench Warfare occurred
2.5 Kaesong peace talks resume
3 But
3.1 Canada sent troops for South Korea’s defense
3.2 Great Britain sent troops for South Korea’s defense
3.3 South Korea joined forces with the United Nations
3.4 South Korea resisted invasion
3.5 The United States did not want communism to spread
4 Wanted
4.1 Capitalism to die out eventually
4.2 more expansion
4.3 China did not want a democratic Korean peninsula on its border
4.4 to have more land conquered
4.5 to spread communist ideas
5 Somebody
5.1 North Korean Army
5.2 Kim II-sung (North Korean leader)
5.3 Mao Zedong (Chinese leader)
5.4 Kim Tu-bong (Chairman of North Korea)
5.5 Pak Hon-yong (Secretary of North Korea)
6 CItes
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6.2 http://www.history.com/topics/korean-war
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