Media Evaluation Question 4

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A2 Media Evaluation Question 4

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Media Evaluation Question 4
1 How did we use new media technologies in the different stages of our project?
2 Research
2.1 Youtube
2.1.1 Used to look at short films and film ideas
2.2 Google
2.2.1 For the majority of internet searches we made
2.3 IMDB
2.3.1 This resource was an exceptionally useful tool. It provided us with reliable and relevant information. For example, this site presents reviews, star ratings, age ratings and so on.
2.4 The research that we carried out prior to the production of our film was an important stage of this project. We were able to look into a range of different genres of films and different film ideas and make a decision using what we found during this process to decide what type of film we want to create and what aspects of films we would be able to interpret for ourselves.
3 Post Production
3.1 Photoshop
3.1.1 I had never used Photoshop before, thus it took some time to get used to and I experienced a few problems with it as a result of my inexperience. I was unable to create the poster that I had designed due to not having yet developed the skills to use this program effectively to a certain standard. As a result, my individual film poster was not as good as it could have been.
3.2 Final Cut
3.2.1 We have used this program in both year productions. The experience from last year made using it this year easier as I had all the basic knowledge and understanding of how to use it. The creation of the radio trailer was a new experience for me but as it was all done of Final Cut, it did not take much time at all
4 Production
4.1 Camera
4.1.1 In our first year production, we used a Panasonic HD 1000 camera. This was an easy camera to use but made it difficult to see the quality of the shots. However, in this years production, we used a Song HD 1000 camera. The problem that we experienced with this camera was its size The problem that we experienced as a result of using both these pieces of equipment was that when filming, we were unable to access certain locations of positions due to the size of the camera and structure of the tripod. As a consequence, we had to take some shots at angles or in positions we did not want, and have to hand hold the camera in order to receive shots, which made some scenes uneven or shakey.
4.2 Tripod
4.2.1 This was a useful piece of equipment as it allowed us to shoot straight, steady shots. However, its size and immobility caused a number of problems during filming.
4.3 Zoom Recorder
4.3.1 This devise allowed us to create a voiceover for our ending scene. From our research of similar films, we recognised that voice overs provide strong, emotional effects on audiences. We wanted to interpret a voice over of our character's goodbye letter to her sister before she dies. The result of this made the scene much more emotional and powerful, leaving a more sympathetic view on the remaining sister.
5 Planning
5.1 Facebook
5.1.1 We presented friends and family members with a questionnaire considering our story line during the planning stage. For this we also used googledocs to create the questionnaire
5.1.2 A problem that we discovered was that we received faux answers as a result of the participants having a joke or not being able to understand our story idea very well.
5.2 Celtex
5.2.1 We used this program to create a script for our film. This problem that occurred with this was due to our continual change and development in ideas and plans. This resulted in us crating a number of different scripts that were not used.
5.3 BBFC
5.3.1 The BBFC was a very important website as it allowed us to recognise and categories what age rating our film would come under. From this we were able to have a better understanding if it was suitable for our target audience.
6 Blogger
6.1 Research
6.1.1 When researching, we used Blogger to be able to save information that we find useful or want to keep for later in the project and access it easily at any stage throughout the task. This was a useful program as it allowed us to have easy access t pieces of information or ideas that may be useful
6.2 Planning
6.2.1 In the planning stage, this program allowed us to keep a record of what we needed to do and plan out when and how to do it.
6.3 Production
6.3.1 Blogger was a necessary tool required in this stage. To keep images of our group filming, and to maintain a filming diary, this program was accessed continually. The results of this have been that we have been able to keep a record of our work, along with reflect on our organisational skills concerning our practical work.
6.4 Post Production
6.4.1 Blogger has allowed myself, and my group, to place each piece of work we have completed on a shared page. This allows each of us to access what we have done (e.g. radio trailer, poster, film) easily as well as work effectively as a team to help and support each other.
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