puss in booots

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Mapa mental del cuento gato con botas, en ingles

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puss in booots
1 Unknown Words
1.1 Windmill
1.1.1 Molino
1.2 Fond
1.2.1 Cariñoso
1.3 Slung
1.3.1 Lanzar
1.4 Cornifield
1.4.1 Maizal
1.5 Leather
1.5.1 Cuero
1.6 Plump
1.6.1 Rechoncho
1.7 Stroked
1.7.1 Caricia
1.8 Fitted
1.8.1 Calzó
1.9 Hole
1.9.1 Agujero
1.10 Leaves
1.10.1 Hojas
1.11 Paw
1.11.1 Pata
1.12 Bowling
1.12.1 Rodando
1.13 Mince
1.13.1 Picada
1.14 Hooves
1.14.1 Pezuñas
1.15 Sort
1.15.1 Clase
1.16 Gobbled
1.16.1 Enguñir
2 The story is about a cat who was inherited by a father that died to his youngest son, the problem was that the lad didn't have money for his daily. The puss was very usuful for him, he got to his owner a castle, a wife and a lor of money, just whit his craftiness
2.1 Events
2.1.1 When the father gave to his son the puss When the puss got on rabits and partridges fot the king When the puss went to King's palace for gave the presents on behalf of his owner When the puss and the lad see the king's carriage When the puss went to ogre's castle and killed him When the princess got married with the lad takes place on Castle takes place on Ogres's fields and his castle takes place on The river, and a cornfield takes place on King's palace takes place on A field takes place on Windmill
3 Takes place in Italy
3.1 Was published in January 1697
3.1.1 One of the author is , Charles Perrault He was french writer, and very important because of his implementation of children's stories
4 Secondary Character
4.1 Main Character
4.1.1 The Puss The principals caracteristics are: Clever Useful Trickster Quick
4.2 The Ogre
4.2.1 Magic Powerful Fierce
4.2.2 Caracteristics:
4.3 The Lad
4.3.1 Caracteristicis: Young Fearful suspicious
4.4 The King
4.4.1 Caracteristics: Rich Old Powerful
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