Protecting files from theft (being stolen)


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Protecting files from theft (being stolen)
  1. Password protection
    1. Strong password
      1. Include numbers
        1. Include capitals
          1. Special charachters
            1. Don't use personal information
              1. Long enough (min 8 characters)
            2. Access rights and permissions
              1. Read (look at the data)
                1. Copy
                  1. Write (Edit the data)
                  2. Firewalls
                    1. Software or Hardware
                      1. Controls what data can pass through it
                      2. Physical protection
                        1. Locks on doors
                          1. Key
                            1. Keypad
                              1. Card
                                1. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
                                2. Biometrics (fingerprint & retina scanner)
                                3. Security guards
                                  1. Location of stored data - upstairs, away from entrance
                                    1. GPS tracking
                                    2. Encryption
                                      1. If data has been stolen encryption prevents the data being used.
                                        1. Data is encrypted (scrambled)
                                          1. Only if you have the 'key' can you decrypt the data.
                                            1. Encrypted data has no meaning.
                                            2. Backup data
                                              1. Make a copy of the data
                                                1. Should be stored away from the original data
                                                2. Name
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