Cell Organelles and Functions


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The (FILL IN BLANK) modifies proteins before they are used by the cell or transported out. Golgi Complex (apparatus)
Which cell structure allows for a cell to take in food and remove waste products form the surrounding environments? 4: Cell Membrane
The (FILL IN BLANK) performs cellular respiration: The ability for cells to covert chemical energy found in certain foods to a usable form, for cellular functions. Mitochondria
The (FILL IN BLANK) is an oval green structure that contains chlorophyll, that allows plants to use the suns energy to produce sugars, in a process known as Photosynthesis Chloroplast
What takes place in the structure labeled 4? (The arrow is pointing to the little dots on the Endoplasmic Reticulum...) Protein Synthesis
The (FILL IN THE BLANK) are organelles that contains enzymes necessary for intracellular digestion Lysosomes
Photosynthesis takes place in which organelle? Chloroplast
The (FILL IN BLANK) increases its activity during exercise, to make more energy available for the cell. Mitochondria
This graph shows the changes in dissolved oxygen at a monitoring station in Chesapeake Bay.......The graph shows evidence of change in the activity of which organelle in algae in Chesapeake Bay? Chloroplast
Which cell organelle is responsible for photosynthesis? 3: Chloroplast
The (FILL IN BLANK) are a storage place for food, waste and other substances that cannot be used right away? Vacuoles
The ( ) is a network of tube like passageways that proteins from ribosomes and fats are transported through. Endoplasmic Reticulum
The rigidity of a plant cell is due primarily to the presence of the ??? Cell Wall
The ( ) and ( ) are the cell parts that are found only in plant cells? Chloroplasts and Cell Wall
Cell organelles are located within the ( ) of the cell? Cytoplasm
The ( ) controls what enters and leaves the cell? Cell Membrane
The ( ) are directly responsible for the formation of proteins within cells? Ribosomes
( ) are found in the nucleus? Chromosomes
The characteristic that best describes the difference between Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells are? Eukaryotic DNA is found in the Nucleus of the cell and Prokaryotic DNA is free floating
Which organelle stores the information that codes for protein structures? 2: Nucleus
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