ATypI Kraków 2014


ATypI Kraków 2014 58th annual conference of Association Typographique Internationale, 8–12 October 2 - assignment
Katarzyna Juszczyk
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Katarzyna Juszczyk
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ATypI Kraków 2014
  1. How to express the concept of continuity throughout the ages of typography development using visual elements?
    1. Ephasize Archaic Quality
      1. Textures
        1. Ornaments
          1. Patterns
            1. Objects
              1. Connected to Monarchy
                1. Crown
                  1. Wawel Castle
                    1. Szczerbiec Sword
                      1. Family Tree
                      2. Connected to typography/writing
                        1. Feathers/Ink
                          1. Gothic Letters
                            1. Stylized Letters
                              1. Tomb inscriptions
                                1. Manuscripts
                                  1. Printing Press
                                  2. Maps/City Plans
                                    1. Architecture examples from Krakow
                                      1. Stained Glass
                                      2. Characters
                                        1. Gutenberg
                                          1. Lajkonik (to emphasize location)
                                            1. Stanczyk
                                              1. Townsman
                                            2. Emphasize Modern Quality
                                              1. Visual Elements
                                                1. Dynamic composition based on diagonals
                                                  1. Grid/Rhythm
                                                    1. Geometric Abstrac Patterns
                                                      1. Simple Modern Sans Serif Type
                                                        1. Using a motif of letter being drawn with bezier curves)
                                                        2. Machines/Metal
                                                          1. Hashtag motif
                                                          2. Connecting the past and the present
                                                            1. Comparing letter shapes (sans serif/gothic)
                                                              1. Combining minimalism and a lot of whitespace with historical object/motif
                                                                1. Using a timeline motif
                                                                  1. Combining objects from past with parallel object from the present
                                                                  2. Moods/Emotions/Associations
                                                                    1. pure, clear, simple, efficient, sophisticated, elegant, classic, prestigious, stylish, modern, classy, cool, of good taste, subtle, timeless, sentimental, authentic, versatile, professional, enduring, mature, joyful, lively, energetic, poetic, enlightening, energetic, stimulating, innovative
                                                                    2. Composition
                                                                      1. clear and readable
                                                                        1. clear grid
                                                                          1. golden ratio
                                                                            1. A lot of white space
                                                                            2. Colours
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