Music Concepts for National 5

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Melody/Harmony Melody/Harmony
Played in a major key Happy music Major Scale
Played in minor key Sad music Blues Sharps/Flats Minor Scale
Series of notes built up entirely of semitones Half Steps Chromatic Scale
5 notes in scale Root, second, third, fifth & sixth Pentatonic Scale
Notes played on keyboard with palm or forearm Cluster
Low pitched pipes of bagpipe Continuous - played throughout song Drone
Piano accompaniment Bass note - left hand Chord - right hand Oom-cha Oom-cha Vamp
Rhythm/Tempo Rhythm/Tempo
Slow music Slowly played Adagio
Walking pace Moderately slow Andante
Moderate speed Moderato
Fast speed Allegro
Beat is dotted Can be divided into groups of 3 Strawberry beats Compound time
Beats can be divided easily into 2 or 4 Simple time
Notes appear before first strong beat usually start of a piece Anacrusis
Strongly accented notes played off or on the beat Occurs in all types of music Syncopation
Music that gradually becomes faster Accelerando
Tells you how music is to be counted Time signatures
Slow dance 4 beats in bar Simple time Full of scotch snaps (taram ta) Strathspey
Fast dance 4 beats in bar Fast moving quavers coffee coffee coffee coffee Reel
Medium paced dance 3 beats in bar Oom Cha Cha Simple Time Waltz
Fast skippy dance Compound time strawberry beats Jig
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