Malcolm X

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Malcolm X
1 Background
1.1 Born 19th May 1925, in Omaha, Nebraska His Father was sent regular death threats from the KKK and when he was found dead the police said that he had committed suicide. His mother then turned mad and was sent to a home. Malcolm and his brothers and sisters then had to be fostered and Malcolm wasn't treated well and therefore started to steal and take part in drug dealing. He got put in prison for 10 years for this.
2 Aims
2.1 Malcolm X believed in separatism – blacks living separate from whites. His view changed when he was in prison and he started to like the idea of blacks superiority. He was inspired by Elijah Muhammad. But soon both thought that the only way to live a decent life was by living completely separate from the whites.
3 Methods
3.1 Malcolm believed that the only way to get anywhere was by violent action. He took charge on these occasions and fought with the white people. He gave many speeches insulting the whites. He also tried to set up gehttos for Black people. He also encouraged black people to vote near the end of his life and he tried to encourage them to join Civil Rights Movement groups so that all the blacks were doing something for their freedom.
4 What movements was he involved in?
4.1 Malcolm X was involved in the Civil Rights campaign. He was also involved in the Nation of Islam movement which was a black muslim movement. Elijah Muhammad was the leader and founder and Malcolm looked to him as a hero. He was also involved in the Organization for Afro-American Unity. This was a movement that he set up after he cam back from Africa. this trip changed his political views and his spiritual views. he did not voice these for long as he was assassinated the following year.
5 Key Sucesses
5.1 He dreamed of a nation just for Black people. The year before he died he started a Organization for Afro-American Unity. This was meant to be the start of his state that he wanted to make.
6 Failures
6.1 Malcolm's failure is that he did not believe in working with white politicians but rather put up a fight and retort with violence.
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