Much Ado About Nothing

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Much Ado About Nothing Characters

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Much Ado About Nothing
1 Leonato
1.1 Leonato is a welcoming man who treats everyone with respect and kindness. When soldiers came home from fighting, he opened up his home to them. Leonato is also proud of his daughter.
1.1.1 Leonato is the father of Hero and the uncle of Beatrice. When speaking with the Messenger, he seems to know each person he brings up in conversation. Specifically, he is a friend of Don Pedro.
2 Hero
2.1 Hero is a gentle girl who doesn't have much character development in the beginning. She interacts with the other characters, and she doesn't go out of her way to be mean to anyone. Hero is described as "beautiful" and "lovely" by Claudio.
2.1.1 Hero is Beatrice's cousin and Leonato's daughter. Although they haven't spoken yet, she is the love interest of Claudio.
3 Beatrice
3.1 Beatrice is a witty woman who enjoys using sarcasm frequently when she speaks. Beatrice is extremely clever because she can think of comebacks quickly. Beatrice is also very opinionated and she knows what she likes and doesn't like.
3.1.1 Beatrice is Hero's cousin and Leonato's niece. She dislikes Benedick and argues with him all the time. Beatrice enjoys Hero and being her cousin.
4 Claudio
4.1 Claudio is a charming soldier. He claims to be in love with Hero, but he isn't rude to others like Benedick. He requires help and assistance from Don Pedro to even attempt to talk to Hero, the woman he is in love with.
4.1.1 Claudio loves Hero. He is under the leadership of Don Pedro in the military. Benedick is one of his fellow soldiers and they are also friends.
5 Don Pedro
5.1 Don Pedro is a prince (of Arragon). Don Pedro seems to be older than some of the other characters. He is very helpful and polite, he tells Claudio he will get Hero to love him back.
5.1.1 Don Pedro is the leader of Claudio and Benedick in the military. He is a good friend to both and to Leonato. Also, Don John is his illegitimate brother
6 Benedick
6.1 Benedick is a soldier from Padua. He cares little about others or their feelings, and he is full of himself. Benedick loves to make fun of people and he thinks life is a joke. Like Beatrice, he is quick-witted.
6.1.1 Benedick is in the military under the leadership of Don Pedro. He is friends with Claudio.
7 Don John
7.1 Don John is the illegitimate brother of the Prince, Don Pedro. He doesn't say much during the first scene of act 1, he says he' is, "not of many words." He seems like he can't be trusted, but we do not find out much about him from the first scene.
7.1.1 Don John is Don Pedro's brother.

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