An Informal Letter

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An Informal Letter
1 1
1.1 Greeting
1.1.1 Hi....,/ Dear... and add the name of the recipient
2 2
2.1 Introduction
2.1.1 ask your friend some introductory questions How are you? I hope the summer job is going well. Have you decided where to go on holiday? Did you pass the exam? I hope you are well. The weather here is really bad at the moment. Last week I went to...
3 3
3.1 Paragraph 1
3.1.1 Describe where you are ( the place/ the weather) Anyway ,we are camping in the Isle of Skye. We are staying on a campsite... It rained every single day.
3.1.2 State your main reason for writing Anyway, I'm writing to ...
4 4
4.1 Paragraph 2
4.1.1 Say what you are doing
5 5
5.1 Ending
5.1.1 Make up an Excuse to stop writing Well, I have to go now... Well, I must finish - it's my turn to cook tonight. Write back soon
6 6
6.1 Signing
6.1.1 Say good bye and sign your name. See you soon Write back soon Lots of love All the best Hugs and kisses FIRST NAME ONLY Bye for now


  • If, after having finished the letter, you need to add something, do it in post scriptum. Start a new paragraph with PS
7.1 PS
7.2 You are allowed to use short forms
7.2.1 it's, you're, I'll
8 Useful Vocabulary
8.1 weather
8.1.1 changeable / cloudy/ cold / freezing / hot / rainy / sunny
8.2 accommodation
8.2.1 cabin / campsite / farm / hotel / rented cottage / tent / youth hostel
8.3 locations
8.3.1 in a forest / in the middle of nowhere / in the mountains / on the coast / near a town
8.4 activities
8.4.1 canoeing / diving / parachuting / rafting / sailing / skiing / snowboarding / trekking / windsurfing
8.5 presents
8.5.1 book about Britain / box of chocolates / cassette of traditional music / perfume
8.6 music
8.6.1 classical / folk / heavy metal / jazz / rock...
8.7 places to go
8.7.1 art gallery / cinema / football match..
9 linking
9.1 involve the reader with questions
9.1.1 How are you? / Can you believe it?
9.2 refer to the reader
9.2.1 Here's some news for you.../ So you can imagine what he's like! / You can tell me all your news
9.3 begin sntences with informal linkers
9.3.1 Anyway, we're.../ Luckily, we didn't.../ Actually, there isn't.../ But them we're.../ And Tom has.../ Well, I must finish.../ Guess what! Are you serious?
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