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Functionalist views on Education
1 Durkheim
1.1 Social solidarity
1.2 preparing young people for work
2 Parsons
2.1 Secondary socialisation
2.1.1 Particularistic
2.1.2 Universalistic
2.2 Meroticracy
2.2.1 Individual acheivement
2.2.2 Equal opportunity
2.3 Society in minature
3 David and Moore
3.1 Selection and allocation
3.1.1 Some more talented than others
3.1.2 Higher rewards for more important jobs Motivates everyone to strive for them
4 Criticism
4.1 Marxism: not shared values, those of the ruling class
4.2 education is not meritocratic, discrimination against some groups
4.2.1 not given an equal opportunity
4.3 Hargreaves
4.3.1 schools place more value on competition and developing individuals than developing sense of social solidarity
5 conservative view of society
6 Consensus view
6.1 essentially harmonious
7 social order
8 socialising new members of society
9 create and sustain social solidarity
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