The Peak District

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A mindmap on the Peak District National park.

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The Peak District
1 Aim
1.1 To conserve and enhance natural beauty, wildlife and heritage
1.2 To promote oppurtunitys for understanding the special qualties of a National Park
2 Location
2.1 South of the Pennines and covers much of Derbyshire
2.2 Limestone caves
2.3 Rolling Dales
2.4 17 million people live within 60 miles of the park
2.4.1 High population cities Machester Sheffield Bradford Derby Nottignham
2.4.2 Good transport links M1 M18 M6
3 Main reasons to visit
3.1 Hill Walking
3.2 Potholing
3.3 Mountain Biking
3.4 To visit honeypot towns
3.4.1 Easily accesible and beautiful locations which become extremly busy with tourists
3.4.2 These are promoted to help concentrate damge caused by tourists in National Parks
3.4.3 Suffer from overcrowding
4 Conflict
4.1 Arguments between different users of the national park
4.2 Examples
4.2.1 Holiday Home Buying Tourists buy houses in honeypot towns which drive up the price of housing for locals Between tourists and locals
4.2.2 Misuse of farmland by tourists Tourists trample off footpaths and on farmland which annoys farmers Solution is to add clearer footpath signage Tourists leave gates open which allows livestock to escape, angering farmers Solution is to add signs and information boards on public footpaths
5 Tourists
5.1 Benefits
5.1.1 Bring jobs Improve economy
5.1.2 Spend money in local shops Improve economy
5.2 Problems
5.2.1 Over crowed honeypot towns and villages
5.2.2 Litter
5.2.3 Pollution caused by cars So council implement park and ride schemes 95% of people still arrive by car
5.2.4 Conflict with farms
5.2.5 Erode landscape
5.2.6 Noise pollution
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