Intercultural Training with Films

Ebra Way
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I have to do a summary and mind map based on the journal I searched entitled as above.

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Ebra Way
Created by Ebra Way about 6 years ago
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Intercultural Training with Films
1 Films that deal with different patterns of behaviour
1.1 Monochromic & polychronic perceptions of time
1.2 Individualism vs. collectivism
1.3 High vs. low context styles
1.4 Formal & informal communication
2 Using films in the classroom
2.1 Activities
2.1.1 Pre-viewing
2.1.2 While-viewing
2.1.3 post-viewing
3 An intercultural project involving film
3.1 For advanced students
3.2 A task-based & combined language learning with various key skills
3.2.1 Using internet
3.2.2 Composing film summaries
3.2.3 Presentation skills
4 Films
4.1 Great medium to teach English
4.1.1 hold the viewer's interest
4.1.2 Simultaneously address different senses & cognitive channels
4.1.3 expose the way people actually speak
4.1.4 appealing
4.2 facilitate intercultural learning
4.3 Helpful for teachers to introduce lessons & activities
4.4 Contain a lot examples of intercultural communication
5 Using films for intercultural training
5.1 Culture
5.1.1 Deals with many subjects
5.2 can provide useful preparation
6 Culture representation in films
6.1 Categories of cultural elements
6.1.1 foster empathy with foreigners
6.1.2 illustrate intercultural conflict
6.1.3 deal with racism
6.1.4 contain stereotypes
6.1.5 Cultural traditions & intergenerational conflict
6.1.6 Paraverbal & nonverbal communication

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