Function of Brain in Learning

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describe about the brain, how the learning process occur and boots the brain power & memory

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Function of Brain in Learning
1 Brain
1.1 structure
1.2 composition
1.2.1 made up of neuron & gilal cell
1.2.2 surrunded by a layer of tisue called the
1.3 Function Area of the Brain
1.3.1 Made up of many special area or lobes that work together Frontal Lobe For Problem Solving , Judgment & Motor Function Pariental Lobe Manage Sensation, Hnadwriting & Body Position Occipital Lobe Visual Processing System Temporal Lobe Memory & Hearing
1.4 Neurons
1.4.1 information processing cell in the brain
1.4.2 The point of connection where the neuron meet = SYNAPSE
1.4.3 There are 2 type of connecting fiber AXON Responsible for Sending Electrochemical signal to neuron located in the distant location DENDRITE Receive the Electrochemical input Signal from another neuron
2 Learning
2.1 General Process
2.2 Mechanism
2.2.1 Neuron used both chemical & electrical signal for processing will cont. to firing, integrating & generating information the connectivity is powered by the electrical to chemical to electrical inside each nerve cell
3 Boots Brain Power & Memory
3.3 Get a Good Night's Sleep & Take Naps
3.4 Eat Nutritious Food
3.5 Eat breakfast
3.6 Eliminate Stress & Seek Help for depression
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