Magnetism and Electromagnetism

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Magnetism and Electromagnetism
1 Magnetism
1.1 Magnetic materials
1.1.1 Hard Materials Steel
1.1.2 Soft Materials Iron
1.2 Magnetic Field
1.2.1 The field where a magnetic force acts
1.2.2 If a magnetic material is placed in a magnetic field magnetism is induced
1.3 Like poles repel
1.4 Unlike poles attract
2 Electromagnetism
2.1 Transformers
2.1.1 Step Down More primary coils than secondary
2.1.2 Step up More secondary coils than primary
2.1.3 Alternating current Continually cuts coils
2.1.4 Coils Stronger magnetic field Stronger Voltage Stronger current
2.2 Flemings left hand rule
2.2.1 Force
2.2.2 Field
2.2.3 Current
2.3 A current carrying conductor produces a magnetic field
2.3.1 Only if motion is not parallel to field
2.3.2 Force increases with strength of field
2.3.3 Force increases with the strength current
2.3.4 Used in dc motors Current in coil Charged particles experience force 1 side of the coil goes upwards The other side goes downwards Permanent magnet
2.3.5 Used in loudspeakers Alternating current in coil Alternating magnetic field Causing the coil to be continually attracted and repelled by the magnetic field Causes the paper cone to vibrate Causes sound vibrations Permanent magnet Paper cone
2.4 There is a force on a charge carrying particle in a magnetic field
2.5 Generators
2.5.1 Coils cut magnetic field Inducing a voltage and current not when parallel
2.5.2 increased current Stronger field More coils Faster cutting
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