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Created by georgie.benbow about 6 years ago
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1 Used to link ideas from one sentence to the next, and to give paragraphs
1.1 Showing Cause/Effect e.g Because, since, therefore, as result, consequently, due to, so, hence, thus
1.1.1 E.g She didn't try her best therefore she didn't win.
1.2 Sequencing Ideas e.g firstly, secondly, to start with, next, following this, and then
1.2.1 E.g Firstly, I went to the shop, and then I went home
1.3 Clarifying e.g For instance, in other words, put another way, that is
1.3.1 E.g My brother is sometimes mean, for instance he punches me
1.4 Condition e.g if, unless, otherwise, even if
1.4.1 E.g You can't go to lunch, unless you finish your work.
1.5 Concession e.g In spite of, despite, although, even though, yet, while, similarly, in, comparison, whereas, in contrast, nevertheless, on the other hand
1.5.1 E.g I like chocolate whereas Jess doesn't
1.6 Adding information e.g In addition, furthemore, moreover
1.6.1 E.g Cats are gross and ugly furthermore, they are the worst pet

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