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optometrist project for science

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Optometrist BY: Elyse Benest
  1. Physics Principals
    1. Refraction
      1. Eyes refract light
        1. to see clearly
        2. Refraction errors
          1. Creating blurry vision
            1. Weak parts of the eye
              1. Don't allow light to refract properly
              2. Nearslighted
                1. Objects are blurry in the distance
                2. Astimatism
                  1. Irregular shaped cornea where the light coming in can refract and have more than one points of focus
                  2. Farsighted
                    1. Objects are blurry unclose
                    2. to find correct lens power
                3. Education path
                  1. 2 schools that offer optometry programs
                    1. Université de Monréal
                      1. University of Waterloo
                      2. Must take 7-8 years of education
                        1. 3 Requirements
                          1. Specialized program in optometry
                            1. minimum of 3 years to earn a degree
                              1. Must meet provincial standards wherever they intend to practice
                                1. Must write a national exam
                                  1. Ensures public receives exceptional care
                              2. Most optometrists add another year
                                1. to train
                                  1. At hospitals
                                    1. With other professional optometrists
                              3. Equipment
                                1. Opthamoscopes
                                  1. Examines back of eye
                                    1. Retina
                                  2. Slit Lamps
                                    1. Gives a clearer view of the back of the eye
                                      1. enables the examiner to diagnose patients with visual impairments
                                      2. Keratometer
                                        1. Also known as an Ophthalmometer
                                          1. Measures the curvature of the outside of t he cornea
                                        2. Chart Projector
                                          1. optometrists are able to identify if patients have a refractive error in their vision
                                            1. Cannot read letter
                                          2. Phoroptor
                                            1. used when patients read off the chart projector
                                              1. includes a number of lenses that help determine the prescription needed to see clearly
                                              2. Exam chair
                                                1. provides a seat for the patient
                                                2. Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
                                                  1. Scans the eye
                                                    1. Gives information on what is happening in the eye
                                                3. Research to improve equipment
                                                  1. Oct's
                                                    1. able to see opaque tissues
                                                      1. Now more useful because it is used in medical specialties
                                                    2. Slit lamps
                                                      1. many different and more avdanced lenses can be placed in between the eye and the slit lamp
                                                        1. This helps see deeper into the eye
                                                          1. Ex. the retna
                                                            1. Ex. the optic nerve
                                                          2. Put cameras on slit lamps
                                                            1. takes pictures of the eye that are difficult to see
                                                        2. Relate to my life
                                                          1. Eye impairment that limits my peripheral vision and my central vision
                                                            1. I am nearsighted
                                                              1. diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa
                                                                1. Refracted light doesn't bend enough to reach the back of my retina
                                                                  1. My glasses refract the light so it reaches the retina
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