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This is a mindmap on different forces.

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1 What is a Force?
1.1 Combining Forces
1.1.1 Balanced Forces Forces have no effect on motion of object
1.1.2 Unbalanced Forces Forces affect motion of object
1.1.3 Net Force The combination of all forces acting on an object
1.2 A Push or Pull
1.2.1 Described by strength and direction
2 Friction
2.1 Why does it happen?
2.1.1 When two forces rub against each other they create friction
2.2 Types of Friction
2.2.1 Static When an object is not moving
2.2.2 Sliding When two suffices slide over each other
2.2.3 Rolling When an object rolls across a surface
2.2.4 Fluid When a solid moves through a fluid
3 Gravity
3.1 Universal Gravitation
3.1.1 Every object attracts other objects to itself
3.2 Factors Affecting Gravity
3.2.1 Mass and Distance More mass equals more gravitational force More distance between two objects equals less gravitational force
3.3 Weight and Mass
3.3.1 Mass is the amount of matter in an object
3.3.2 Weight relies on gravity
3.4 Motion
3.4.1 Free Fall Unbalanced Force When the only force acting on an object is gravity
3.4.2 Air Resistance Type of fluid friction that occurs when an object gets slowed down by air
3.4.3 Projectile Motion
3.4.4 Terminal Velocity
4 Newton's Laws of Motion
4.1 First Law
4.1.1 Inertia Resistance to a change in motion
4.2 Second Law
4.2.1 Determining Acceleration Acceleration = Net Force ÷ Mass
4.2.2 Changes in Force and Mass More Net Force = More Acceleration More Mass = Less Acceleration
4.3 Third Law
4.3.1 For Every Action There Is An Equal And Opposite Reaction
4.3.2 Action-Reaction Pairs Action-Reaction Forces always occur in pairs
5 Momentum
5.1 Conservation of Momentum
5.1.1 Unless there are outside forces, the total momentum of two interacting objects will not change
5.2 Momentum = Mass × Velocity
6 Rockets
6.1 Rockets lift off by expelling gases downward and this force causes an equal and opposite reaction on the rocket
7 Satellites
7.1 An object that orbits other objects in space
7.2 Centripetal Force
7.2.1 A force that causes an object to move in a circular path
7.3 Satellites in orbit around Earth are falling but travel around because Earth is curved
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