Myths and Heroes - Unsung heroes

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Myths and Heroes - Unsung heroes
  1. Dulce Pinzon "The real story of the superheroes"
    1. LUIS HERNANDEZ from the State of Veracruz works in demolition in New York. He sends 200 dollars a week.
      1. /!\ My opinion : "The real story of the superheroes" project from Dulce Pinzon is a homage to daily superheroes like here Mexican immigrant workers. Aim of this picture project is to pay homage to brave, determined anonymous without supernatural power. They work hard in extreme conditions to help their families and communities stay in home country. This project of 20 photographies shows Mexican immigrant workers dressed in American and Meixcan superhero costumes in their work environment. Each picture are followed by a short text who including worker's name, their hometown in Mexico, how long they have been working in New York and the amount of money they send.
        1. I totally approve this picture project. We know superheroes, heroes like fireman and policeman but brave daily workers stay usual in people mind. When I look these pictures I feel admiration in these workers. Moreover, Mexican immigrant workers are not the only daily heroes. I think all workers are heroes. Every workers should be encouraged. If Mexican immigrant workers superheroes, every workers is a superhero too.
          1. My favorite picture is on Luis Hernandez wearing "The Thing" costum from Fantastic 4. He works in demolition in New York and sends 200$ a week. I think woriking as demolition worker is really difficult. But after all, I like all of this project.
            1. I agree with Dulce Pinzon because it's a homage to immigrant workers. Thanks to them, their families and communities can live better. They can help people they like. I guess these pictures are effective because when we look them, we feel admiration and we want to be brave like these workers. That is to say to be useful for the others. Moreover, these pictures don't show extrem difficult conditions for many people, for example : harlots, miners, ...
      2. Alan Turing
        1. a new type of hero : brainy, smart, a genius, intellectual, high-brow
          1. computeur science day in day out 24/7
            1. 2 outsiders, 2 mavericks


              • Outsider : étranger Maverick : Non-conformiste, marginal
              1. a female code breaker
              2. A two fold mission :
                1. fight homophobia
                  1. gender discrimination/prejudice/stereotyping/bias (biased)
                  2. main character in The Imitation Game
                    1. invented a machine to break Enigma code
                      1. a mathematician, a computer scientist
                      2. WWII
                        1. homosexual
                          1. personality : socially awkward, ill at-ease
                            1. Alan Turing is one of the great polymath thinkers of the 20th century. Not only was he a mathematical genius, but he was also a talented engineer who developed early computers, thus contributing to cracking German military codes during the war. Besides, he also developed and reflected upon the concept of Articifial Intelligence. Despite all these achievements, instead of being treated as a hero, he was persecuted and disgraced for beoing homosexual because same-sex relationships were illegal in England at the time.
                              1. Until last week Alan Turing's name was utterly/entirely/completely unknow to us (an utter enigma/mystery to us). As a matter of fact no one knew his name in our class appart from one student. Alan Turing appears to be a case in point/a striking example/a perfect instance of an unsung hero. Indeed, apart from exports and science historians, few people could mention Alan Turing's achievements. And yet he was a genius mathematician who broke German naval codes during WWII and later developed the concept of Artificial Intelligence. No doubt this war hero will arouse viewers' curiosity and interest. As far as the scriptwriter is concerned, he said he made it his mission to introduce Turing to the public as well as writing about the triumph of intellect over homophobia and gender bias/gender stereotyper/gender prejudice.
                              2. Female code-breakers of Bletchley Park
                                1. The aim of the 2013 Cyber Security Challenge is two fold. On the one hand, celebrating/paying a tribute to the veteran WWII code breakers working at Bletchley Park cracking the German codes of what is more, 90% of the staff at Bletchley were woman. On the other hand, promoting/enhancing the role of women in cyber security nowadays. Indeed/As a matter of fact under 10% of the work force in Britain is female.
                                2. Navajo code talkers
                                  1. As far as Alan Turing, the Bletchley girls and the navajo code talkers are concerned, it is swings and roundabouts because/for...


                                    • roundabouts : c'est du pareil au même
                                    1. When... compared with/to Alan Turing or the Bletchley girls, it is worth noticing that the navajo code talkers...
                                      1. Similary/Likewise...


                                        • De la même façon
                                        1. Conversely...


                                          • inversement
                                          1. differentiates ... from... is...
                                            1. All is all/In a nutshell/On the whole/To conclude...
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