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My Case Study Mind map for Climatic Hazards and Industry in LEDC's and MEDC's

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Case Studies
1 Climatic Hazards
1.1 MEDC
1.1.1 Hurricane Katrina South East USA New Orleans 180,000 Killed 300 000 houses destroyed 3 million people were left without electricity. Coastal habitats such as sea-turtle breeding beaches were damaged 29th August 2005
1.1.2 Secondary Tens of thousands of people were made homeless. 230 000 jobs were lost from businesses that were damaged or destoryed Water supplies were polluted with sewage, chemicals and dead bodies.
1.2 LEDC
1.2.1 Cyclone Nargis Burma Irrawaddy Delta 140,000 + people were killed 200,000 farm animals were killed, crops were lost and 40% of food stores were destroyed 450,000 houses were destroyed 1700 schools were destroyed Coastal habitats such as Mangrove Forests were damaged 2-3 million people were made homeless Millions of people lost there livelihoods Over 70% of households didn't have access to clean water $4 Billion of damage Weather agencies warned the Burmese Govern,emt that Cylone Nargis was likely to hit the country. Despite this, Burmese forecasters reported there was little or no risk This increased the number of deaths because people weren't evacuated in time. There was no emergency or evacuation plans. Burmese Government initial foreign aid, and aid workers werent aloud in until 3 weeks after the accident 2nd May 2008
2 Industry
2.1 Kenya
2.1.1 Primary Farming Coffee Tea Tobacco Fruits Mining Trona (Used to make glass)
2.1.2 Secondary Manufacturing Cement Textiles Foods/Drinks
2.1.3 Tertiary Tourism Coast Province Beaches Rift Valley National Parks Second highest mountain in Africa
2.2 LEDC
2.3 MEDC
2.3.1 Primary Mining Coal In Nottinghamshire Farming Lincolnshire and East Anglia
2.3.2 Secondary Manufacturing Chemical Processing
2.3.3 Tertiary Retail Tourism
2.3.4 Quarternary High Technology Electronics
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