Dorian Grey: Class and Setting

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Dorian Grey: Class and Setting
1 West/East boarder
1.1 West end
1.1.1 Selby Royal Narrative contrast
1.2 East end
1.2.1 The opium dens "The way seemed interminable, and the streets like the black web of some sprawling spider.." "Kilns with their orange fan-like tongues of fire." Analysis Dorian's soul Moving from a working class society through to a lower class community it becomes apparent he has entered into the depths of chaos. (Metaphorically speaking, the depths of his own psychological chaos) "It's too far for me" Even the cab driver cannot bear to enter into the hysteria which is the lower east end , only exaggerating Dorian's situation of moral demise. Here, the east/west distinction is used by Wilde symbolically representing the division of his asthetic in the upper class, and his moral corruption shown by his ventures into the east end. The division of classes As Dorian delves into the lower class society the whole structure of the text changes; words become over complicated and adjectives are used throughout. As the classes grow ever-different the language develops to reflect the class setting. As Wilde uses adjectives to fully describe the chaos of the east end,
1.3.1 The theatre "I found myself seated in a horrible little private box... it was a tawdry affair, all the cupids and cornucopias, like a third rate wedding cake... two rows of dingy stalls" 49-50 Despite it's somewhat "dingy" appearance it is clear Wilde has reflected the true nature of a working class society. The "cupids and cornucopias" suggests hints of grandeur, or, what is attempted to become a mimic of a middle or even a upper class theatre. The classical Greek architecture adds a classic tone to the place. However, this is short lived, as Wilde juxtaposes this classical beauty of the upper class with the "dingy", "tawdry" and "horrible" theatre, comparing it to a "third rate wedding cake" It has elements from upper-middle and upper class society, but fails to reach the same level of luxury. This can be represented in its situation in London, on the boarder of the east and west, like on the boarder of two distant societys
2 Upper class
2.1 Bourgeoisie, the rich. (i.e. Lord Henry and Dorian). Usually dosen't work. Living off investment and property passed down through the family.
3 Middle class
3.1 'Professional jobs', like teachers or doctors, they require training. Wilde often foregoes the middle class, making the gap between the upper and lower classes.
4 Working class
4.1 Characters like Sybil who have 'jobs', but do not earn nearly as much as the middle class, everything they earn goes towards they family and household. No spare money, but not as impoverished and, often, socially outcast as the lower class
5 Lower class
5.1 prostitutes and opium addicts of the east, people who may even live in the workhouse, who is destitute and, often, homeless; a social outcast or derelict
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