Advanced Computer Architecture

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Undergraduate Computer Science Mind Map on Advanced Computer Architecture, created by Deka Auliya on 04/23/2015.

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Advanced Computer Architecture
1 Introduction
1.1 Hardware components
1.1.1 ALU
1.1.2 Control Unit
1.1.3 Registers
1.2 Program execution
1.2.1 Instruction FETCH
1.2.2 Instruction DECODE
1.2.3 Execute
1.2.4 Memory Access
1.2.5 Write Back
1.3 Performance metric
1.3.1 execution time = cpu time = IC x CPI x Tc clock period semiconductor technology datapath design and implemetation instruction count program instruction set architecture clocks per instuction isa datapath design parallel and pipelined HW
1.3.2 indicator: execution time
1.3.3 performance = 1/execution time
1.3.4 total no. of cycles = sum(IC k x CPI k), k is a category
1.3.5 average CPI = total cycles/IC = sum (wk x IC k)
1.3.6 datapath multicycle datapath: CPI > 1 pipelined datapth: CPI can bereduced up to 1 parallel datapath: CPI <1 VLIW/Superscalar processors SIMD and multicore processors
1.3.7 speedup speedup = execution time of A/ execution time of B


  • 1. Speed up of computer B over A 2. Computer B is the enhanced version of computer A 3. The one being evaluated as divisor
1.3.8 throughput rate
1.3.9 response time/latency
1.3.10 MIPS native relative peak
1.3.11 FLOPS
1.4 Enhancement
1.4.1 reduce Tc ⇒ increase clock frequency power consumption ↑ CPI may ↑ memory wall problem
1.4.2 reduce CPI instruction pipelining multicore processing
1.4.3 reduce IC more complex instructions Tc may ↑ multi-issue processor
1.5 power dissipation
1.5.1 dynamic
1.5.2 stati
2.1 Instruction format
2.1.1 R-format
2.1.2 I-format
2.1.3 J-format
2.2 adressing modes
2.3 register file
2.4 types of operations
2.4.1 ALU arithmetic logical shift
2.4.2 Data Transfer load-store
2.4.3 Control-Flow unconditional conditional
2.5 memory address space
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