Curriculum Development & Instruction

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Curriculum Development & Instruction
1 UbD
1.1 Stage 1
1.1.1 Transfer Goals, Standards, Essential Questions,
1.1.2 Knowledge and Understanding
1.2 Stage 2
1.2.1 Summative End of the Unit, Assessment of the learning
1.2.2 Formative During /throughout the Unit. Assessment for Learning
1.3 Stage 3
1.3.1 Lesson Plans
2 Strategies
2.1 Creating the Environment
2.1.1 Cooperative Learning Groups
2.1.2 Reinforcing Effort and Recognition
2.1.3 Setting Objectives and providing feedback
2.2 Developing Understanding
2.2.1 Cues, Questions,
2.2.2 Non-liguistic Representation
2.2.3 Summary and Note Taking
2.2.4 Homework and Practice
2.3 Extend and Apply Knowledge
2.3.1 Identifying Similarities and Differences
2.3.2 Generating and Testing Hypothesis
3 Differentiation Process | Product
3.1 How do you Teach? Challenge and Variety
3.1.1 Bloom's Levels of Thinking
3.1.2 Multiple Intelligences
3.2 Flexible Grouping
3.3 Tiered Assessments
3.4 Choices
3.4.1 Project Menus, Challenge Centers,
3.5 Grading
3.5.1 Rubrics, with clear objectives
3.6 Special Needs Students
4.1 Lesson Preparation
4.1.1 Clear objectives, clearly defined, displayed and reviewed.
4.2 Building Background
4.2.1 Explicitly link past learning to new concepts
4.3 Comprehensible Imput
4.3.1 Speaking rate, volume and vocab,
4.3.2 Use a variety of techniques to make concepts clear
4.4 Strategies
4.4.1 Scaffolding Gradual Release Model, I do, we do, you do Verbal Paraphrasing Procedual Instructional
4.5 Ineratction
4.6 Lesson Delivery
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