7 Main Climates

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7 Main Climates
1 Hot Climates
1.1 Equatorial
1.1.1 Amazon rainforest Deforestation occurs due to want of timber and use of land.
1.2 Savanna
1.2.1 Convectional Rainfall in this climate
1.3 Hot Desert
1.3.1 Sahara desert
1.3.2 Nomads live here
1.3.3 Natural Vegetation is the Cactus, thick bark and sharp needles.
2 Temperate Climates
2.1 Mediterranean / Warm temperate oceanic
2.1.1 Found around the Mediterranean basin About one-third of the world's tourists are attracted to the Mediterranean region.
2.2 Cool Temperate Oceanic
2.2.1 Found in western Europe inc. Ireland The weather conditions here are wet, cool and windy. Perfect conditions for dairy farming
3 Cold Climates
3.1 Boreal
3.1.1 Long cold winters and short cool to mild summers
3.1.2 Found at latitudes 50-70 degrees North
3.2 Tundra
3.2.1 Nomads are people with no permanent abode but move from place to place Inuits are members of the Eskimo peoples inhabiting areas like northern Canada.
3.2.2 Found around the Arctic Circle
4 Factors affecting climates
4.1 Latitude
4.2 Distance from sea or ocean
4.3 Ocean currents
4.4 Prevailing wind
4.5 Aspect
4.6 Altitude
5 The average condition of atmosphere over large area over period of 35 years
6 Climate Change (change of weather patterns that lasts for an extended period of time)
6.1 Causes
6.1.1 Burning fossil fuels which release CO2
6.1.2 Deforestation
6.1.3 Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's)
6.1.4 Cows releasing methane
6.1.5 Nitrous oxide
6.1.6 Water vapour (but also combats climate change)
6.2 Solutions
6.2.1 Use renewable energy; solar, wind, water, and geothermal energy
6.2.2 Stop using soil fertilizers
6.2.3 Stop usage of (CFC's) found in aerosol propellants and old fridges
6.2.4 Reforestation
6.2.5 Eat less meat as Japanese study showed that 1kg of beef produces 34.6kg of CO2
6.3 Consequences
6.3.1 Temperature rise Ice at poles melts Higher sea levels Land flooding Less food
6.3.2 More natural disasters
6.3.3 Mosquitos start living in more upland areas
6.3.4 Changes in animal migration patterns
6.3.5 More droughts
7 Weather
7.1 The condition of the atmosphere over a small area at a certain time/day to day basis
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