International Migration

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My case study on international migration from Poland to the United Kingdom

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International Migration
1 500 000 + people moved from Poland to the UK between 2004-2007
2 Poland - UK
3 Push Factors (From Poland To UK)
3.1 High unemployment rates in Poland - 19%
3.1.1 Low average wages - about 1/3 of the average EU wage Housing shortages - Just over 300 dwellings per 100 people
4 Pull Factors (To UK From Poland)
4.1 Ease of migration - the UK allowed unlimited migrants from the EU in 2004 (It had been restricted in some EU countries)
4.1.1 More work and higher wages - wages in the UK are higher and there was a big demand for tradesmen (E.G. Plumbers, Carpenters) Good exchange rate - the pound was worth a lot of Polish Zloty,so sending a few pounds back to Poland made a big financial difference to families at home.
5 Impacts on Poland
5.1 Economic
5.1.1 Shortage of workers
5.1.2 Slowed growth of economy But the economy was boosted by the money that was sent home from emigrants Around £3 billion was sent back to Poland from abroad in 2006 alone.
5.2 Social
5.2.1 Most of the people who left were young This affected the population because it made the countries population older.
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