Case Study:Tsavo

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Case Study:Tsavo
1 Sustainable Development
1.1 Responsibility of government + authoritys
1.2 No open vehicle in park
1.2.1 Must stay in vehicle only permitted access
1.3 No off road driving
1.3.1 Destroys Vegitation
1.4 Animals right of way
1.5 No litter
1.6 Only take photos and leave only footprints
2 Attractions
2.1 Large Areas of grassland
2.2 Safaris
2.2.1 The Big Five
2.3 The Great Rift Valley
2.4 Sandy Beaches
2.5 Coral Reefs on the coast line
2.6 Good Climate and fun features
3 Problems
3.1 Social
3.1.1 1/4 of tourism to local economy Difficulties with local and central goverment do prevent this
3.1.2 Many hotels owned by multi-national companys Hilton Hyatt-Regency
3.1.3 90% of £+ leaves the country
3.1.4 Money rarely invested in local infastructure
3.1.5 Good jobs not for local people
3.1.6 Crime is on the rise less tourists
4 Benefits
4.1 Tourism
4.1.1 New Lodges Built Provide Employment (Guides)
4.1.2 So close to coast Jobs in Hotels
4.1.3 Extra tourism tax New infustructure
4.1.4 Generates aprox. £300 million
5 Conflict
5.1 Land Use
5.1.1 Tourists cause soil erosion Ruins vegitation Threatens the animals habitats
5.1.2 Many locals have to leave homes for new hotels
5.2 Tourists are eroding wildlife
5.2.1 Walking on coral reef
5.2.2 Touching coral reef